How To Handle A Computer Emergency

A keyboard, representing a computer emergencySome common questions that we receive are, “What should I do if my computer starts to make whirring and clicking noises?” and “What should I do if I receive a message that a boot device cannot be found when I start my computer?”

In both of these cases, you should immediately turn off the computer – it is more than likely that the hard drive is failing. The longer the computer is on, the more damage will be done. Next, you should identify the last backup of the system you have. If you do not have a back up and the computer contains vital information, you will need to have a back up performed by an expert before anything else is done to the computer. At this point, however, your hard drive may be lost forever or extremely expensive to recover, depending on how far gone the hard drive is.

Once you know your data is safe, the problem can be diagnosed. If a new hard drive is required, it can be installed, and the operating system can be restored.