August 20, 2020

Accounting Integrations

Technology Solutions has experiences in helping our clients with accounting integrations. Using automation, we can integrate with many of the largest accounting and ERP systems, some of the ones that we have worked with include:


FreshBooks Cloud Accounting



Intuit Quickbooks Online

Zoho Books



Sage Intacct

Key Benefits

  • Save costs and by eliminating manual data entry
  • Improve accuracy
  • Improve cost detail with line level recognition
  • Automatically store the PDF with the Bill details page
  • User friendly split screen with the PDF and bill entry screen for users, approvers and auditors
  • Integrates with existing workflows and scripts on vendor bills
  • Competitive pricing
  • Be future-ready with E-invoicing

How it Works

Using accounting integrations, your accounts receivable and accounts payable can be nearly fully automated. Simple workflow automation tools can pull the data from your invoices and send them directly to your accounting software, completing most of the required fields for you.  This can be used to send invoices, add late fees, send payment reminders, anything that was manual and repetitive.

To learn more about how we automate and how it can benefit you, visit our latest news section.

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