Workflow Automation for Every Budget

Accomplishing efficient operations requires each division of the company to process important documents and related inquiries accurately and timely.  Here are some of the ways workflow automation can help:

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Automated Potential

The Time is now! Workflow automation is essential to the success of a business.  These workflows allow you to cut costs and decrease the risk of error.  Automation is key to improving the customer experience or eliminating manual data entry. These tools come with little to no ongoing cost. With the savings taken into account, your company will grow overall profitability. 

Accounting Automation

Is your accounting department entering invoices manually? Your accounts receivable and accounts payable can be nearly fully automated. Simple workflow automation tools can pull the data from your invoices and send them directly to your accounting software, completing most of the required fields for you.  Workflow automation can also pull data from any sales software. This can be used to send invoices, add late fees, send payment reminders, anything that was manual and repetitive.  This allows your staff to focus on higher level tasks and contribute more value to the overall operations.

Customer Service Automation

With employees assigned to the different departments of the organization finding the right person can be complicated. Example: If a customer calls to purchase a new product, they would be connected to sales. However if a customer is calling to troubleshoot a potential issue, they would be connected with customer support.  A simple phone tree solves much of this. In today’s multichannel world we need something more advanced. More advanced automation can direct calls, web chats or support tickets/emails to the key contacts.  This cuts down on customer wait times and allows your employees to be more productive, handling only the inquiries their department is responsible for. 

Sales Automation

When a company offers different services, it is the sales department’s job to decipher which product or service meets the prospect’s needs.  Leads are generated in a number of different ways, such as ad campaigns, website traffic, referrals, or direct selling.  Automation can be implemented based on how each lead was obtained, giving you more information on what your prospect is interested in and how to position yourself for the sale.  For example, a customer is browsing through your website and requests additional information on one of your products.  When an inquiry form is completed an alert is sent directly through your CRM indicating exactly what product the customer selected based on the page the form was completed on.  This not only cuts down on probing questions, it also creates ease of use for the customer.  

These are just a few examples of what automation can do, however, the opportunities are endless.  Evolving technology comes with evolving solutions.  Contact us today for a free review of your potential savings from workflow automation.

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