TS-MI in the News!

In case you missed it, Technology Solutions of Michigan was on TV this week! Technology Solutions of Michigan is offering MI restaurants free assistance with the newly published guidelines from the MI Health Dept. The new mandate requires restaurants to collect the names and phone numbers of their patrons for the purposes of contact tracing in case of a COVID-19 outbreak.

Gathering Limits
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Most restaurants have complied by using a paper log of their diners’ contact information. But this can all be done more efficiently using technology most people are already familiar with, their cell phone.

Here’s how the process works:

  1. Restaurant provides TS-MI with their name and email address 
  2. TS-MI creates the contact tracing page for the restaurant
  3. TS-MI provides the restaurant with the QR code that links to the web page
  4. The restaurant shares the QR code with their customers 
  5. The restaurant’s customers scan the QR code with their smartphone camera and get directed to the web page where they can enter their contact information
  6. The customer contact information is stored in a secure database
  7. The restaurant is able to access the database and produce the contact tracing info as required by the MI Health Dept.

More information on our contact tracing assistance is available here.

It’s fast, easy, and free. Best of all, contactless information gathering eliminates the need for disinfecting pens and paper document filing. It’s also very secure since TS-MI does not share or sell your customer’s information. The restaurant administrator is the only one with access to the database, and it is always handy- no need to compile data whenever the State requests it.

Within hours of the newscast we had a slew of calls from local restaurants. We have provided this free service to restaurants across Michigan. So many businesses like them are facing uncharted constraints during this pandemic. It is an honor to be able to support them by making it easier to comply with contact tracing guidelines and keep people safe. 

We at Technology Solutions of MI are committed to our community, we consider it our responsibility to provide our technological expertise wherever it is needed. We believe that we can get through these difficult times as long as we work together. Thank you to all of the Michigan restaurants that are working so hard to prevent the spread of COVID and feed our communities every day. 

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