August 2, 2019

Customer Referral Program

Submit A Referral!

We now have a customer referral program! We will be giving away $100 Amazon gift cards once per quarter. To qualify for the quarterly drawing, you must email us at with the potential customer’s name and contact information. The potential customer must be in need of one our services:

  1. Designing and programming new web, mobile or IOT applications
  2. Updating or adding to an existing web, mobile or IOT application
  3. General IT services
  4. Managed service provider
  5. VoIP phone systems
  6. Camera systems
  7. Workflow Automation

We truly enjoy the ability to provide assistance to make your life easier and more efficient with IT programs and services. If you need further information or have questions about a new or existing project, please contact Allegra Hulsey at 269.290.7508 or

The Rules

  1. The following information must be emailed to Company’s name, Contact’s name, Contact’s phone number and/ or email address.
  2. The referral can not be an existing customer of Technology Solutions.
  3. The referral must be a business of more than 5 people.
  4. The cut off dates for the quarterly drawings are as follows: Quarter three is 10/1/2020, Quarter four is 1/1/2021, Quarter one is 4/1/2021 and Quarter two is 7/1/2021.
  5. The drawings will occur on the following dates: Quarter three is 10/2/2020, Quarter four is 1/2/2021, Quarter one is 4/2/2021 and Quarter two is 7/2/2021.
  6. The winner will be notified via email and phone call by a Technology Solutions’ employee on the day of the drawing.
  7. The winner will need to respond with a confirmation and their choice of how they want to receive the gift card.
  8. The prize each quarter is a $100 Amazon gift card, there are no substitutions.
  9. The referral is not obligated to hire Technology Solutions for their services.
  10. The referred person must be expecting Technology Solutions to contact them.