Cyber Attack Prevention Saves $Billions

A study done by the FBI in 2017, ransomware victims paid over $1 billion globally.  In 2019 that number rose to $11.5 billion with a predicted increase of $20 billion by 2021.  Ransomware attacks create a ripple effect through your business operations.  A cyber attack can have a lasting impact on your company, rendering your computer network entirely inaccessible. 

Don’t let hackers derail your progress.

Sources and Cyber Attack Prevention

Ransomware can come from several sources.  Knowing how ransomware can infect your network is the first step to prevention.  Let’s take a look at the most common sources:

Trojan Horse Virus Security


Receiving an unfamiliar email is increasingly common.  Trojans are a type of malware disguised as a legitimate email attachment or software.  Once the trojan is activated cyber criminals have “backdoor” access to your entire system. Consequently, sensitive data and software are compromised.  


One of the best ways to prevent a trojan from infecting your network, and perhaps most importantly, is to ensure emails and attachments from unknown sources are not opened.  Cyber criminals have been able to disguise these trojans to look as familiar as possible.  Using your best judgement, if an email looks even slightly suspicious, do not open any attachments. Additionally, alert your IT department to investigate.  

Removable Media Security

Removable Media

According to, removable media is one of the most likely ransomware sources of infection.  A study cited by Google shows that 49% of “bait USBs” were plugged in by people who found them. Although the drives were harmless, it proved that curiosity can kill the cat!


One of the best ways to prevent an infection via removable media is locking down USB ports on company computers and servers.  More often than not, an infected USB will be inserted out of curiosity, not malice.  Another good rule of thumb is to avoid plugging in unknown USB drives.

Social Media Security

Social Media and SMS

Social media is prevalent in society today, and we have all received an odd looking message from someone we know.  Undoubtedly, we also receive text messages from unknown numbers increasingly more often.  Shortened links are used on social media platforms regularly, providing attackers with an easily disguised malware mechanism.  It’s important to note that shortened links are often JavaScript based and are activated when the user simply clicks the link.  


Above all, avoid accessing any unfamiliar links sent via text or social media.  These shortened links wreak havoc on your system network. If it seems suspicious, it probably is!

Ransomware Protection

These are just some of the many sources of ransomware that can have a devastating impact on your company network.  Knowing the signs and how to prevent an attack before it happens is vital to your network’s security.  We have the tools for you!  Contact Technology Solutions today to learn how our Data Backup and Disaster Recovery services can help you ensure the security of your company’s network.  We have the solutions for you!