August 12, 2020

Data Management

Disasters occur due to various factors, making data backup an essential piece of any functioning network. Hardware and software failures, human error, ransomware and natural disaster just to name a few. When disaster strikes, all of your data is at risk and downtime may be inevitable. Our data backup and recovery services ensure data protection, instant recovery, reduced downtime and continuity. We will help to preserve your devices in the event of a disaster.


Monthly Service $49.99/month*
Data Backup
Anti-Virus / Anti-Malware
Data Recovery
Virus Diagnostics
Virus Removal
*Additional Discounts for MSP Members
One Time Service $99.99*
Data Backup
Anti-Virus Installation
Data Recovery
Virus Diagnostic
Virus Removal
General Repair
*Bundle Discounts Apply – 5 or more units

Technology solutions aims to assist as well as educate. Check our site weekly for updated educational content around how you can prevent breaches and lost data. You can find our news updates here.

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