MSP – Making IT Easy

If you’ve ever done a software or hardware installation on your own computer you know that it can be harder than it looks. What seems like an easy series of steps can turn into an entire day of muddling through setup instructions. This is where MSPs come in.

An MSP is a Managed Service Provider. This means that for a consistent monthly fee you could have all your computer-related fixes covered. Depending on the service provider, this can include remote assistance, part ordering, and installation. Basically, you never have to worry about repairs, maintenance, or upgrades for your machines. And with fees typically in the $125-150 per month range, it’s a very cost-effective solution- an easy button of sorts.

Let’s say your computer got the blue screen of death which is usually caused by problems with a computer’s hardware or software driver. Just having the issue diagnosed could cost you a computer repair shop’s typical hourly fee: $99. Add to that the hard drive you might have to buy and another $99 to install it, and you are already well beyond an MSP monthly rate for this single issue which could recur at any time. 

Below is a quick summary of the typical MSP fees and offerings at Technology Solutions of MI:

In today’s era technology use is increasing daily. That also means that users’ risk of compromise is rising as well. Utilizing MSP services will keep your devices and data protected and ensure that your network functionality is optimal.

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