August 14, 2020

FAQ about MSP

What is the Remote Access Agent?

A small tool we install on each of your servers and computers to assist us to easily remotely assist you through any issues. This means that when we are helping you with an issue, we can quickly and easily remotely take over your PC to assist rather than attend on site.

What is covered under Remote Support?

Some examples of items that are covered under Helpdesk support are:

  • Problems with Outlook connecting to the server
  • Excel not opening properly
  • New users (on existing computers)
  • Removing users
  • Application crashes

Why do a Monthly Test File Restore?

For clients on our Technology Success Plan, each month we perform a restore of some data from your backups to confirm the backups are running successfully.
We will send you an email to confirm everything is running nicely (or if we have found any problems and fixed them).
We also monitor your backups daily with our automated systems, however we always like to have a regular “human touch” as an extra check.

What is 24/7/365 Monitoring?

For clients on Premium Care plans, our remote access agent will be configured to monitor and alert our support team for things that could potentially cause issues on your network (e.g. hard drive errors, disk space usage, Anti-Virus problems).

What 3rd party Applications do you update?

For clients on our Technology Success Plan, we will automatically update Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash, Adobe Shockwave, Oracle JAVA, Apple QuickTime and PDF Creator and many more.

What is Microsoft Patch Management?

Every month, Microsoft release a series of updates, patches, security fixes to their software, including Windows and Microsoft Office.
It is extremely important that these updates are installed on your computers and servers to make sure you are not only getting the latest versions of software, but that you are properly secured against any potential security vulnerabilities.
For clients on our Premium Care plans, we manage this for you by pushing out approved Microsoft patches using our Remote Agent to ensure that all of your machines are kept up to date and secure.

What is Preventative Maintenance?

For clients on our Technology Success Plan, we perform regular maintenance (e.g. clearing excessive log files) on your Servers and Workstations in line with our best practises to make sure they are kept in top condition.

What are the Guaranteed Response Times?

All issues from clients on our Technology Success Plans are managed through our Helpdesk as follows.

Priority Response Times

If the support request is lodged outside Our Business Hours (M-F 8 to 5) Our Response Time Guarantee does not apply. We will still work on your Service Request as fast as possible, however it will be on a best effort basis.

What is the Monthly Executive Report?

A monthly report sent to the Primary IT Contact of clients on our Technology Success Plans outlining some key IT business metrics from the last.

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