Google Maps Enhances the Experience

Do you have multiple locations? Are your sales based in part on your leads proximity to an event or your office location? When doing local business it’s important to reach the right audience within the area for which you provide services. Google maps can help!  


Qualified leads ensure that you are providing services that the customer needs.  Using your CRM you can quickly qualify a lead using internal workflows. For example:

  1. New lead is added to your CRM
  2. Your CRM asks Google “how far away from (my office) is the client?” 
  3. Results are returned to your CRM
  4. Your CRM looks at those results and determines next steps, this could be kicking off a texting campaign, sending an email, or adding a task for a sales person to give them a call

Smart workflows like these will save you time and money!

These tools can be used and tested with little investment. On top of that, Google gives you $200 a month before any billing starts. For example, for a distinct matrix (distance and time from point A and B) this will cost you $5 per 1000 requests. This is very affordable compared to when someone on your site submits a request for a quote and then a human looks up their address to find out how far away they are from the closest salesman. A full link to Google’s API pricing can be found here.

Another great use that we have found with Google Maps APIs is to find out what time zone your lead is in. It’s best not to pepper people with emails or text messages at times that are local for you but could be 5am or midnight for them. You can have a lead come in that includes an address and you can make a call to Google and ask for the time zone. Then in your marketing campaigns you can take into account that extra layer and send updates or marketing emails at a reasonable time of day for your customer. 

These tools can be integrated directly into your CRM, some that we have worked with are FreshSales, Hubspot, ZOHO CRM, and Salesforce. 

To learn more about how Technology Solutions of Michigan can help you integrate these tools into your CRM and maximize your outreach locally, schedule an appointment today!