2nd Opinion IT Audits

When was the last time your company did an audit on your IT network? Just like routine check-ups you would do for your health and well-being, computer networks require periodic audits to prevent breakage and downtime that cost a lot of money. The best way to do this is through a Second Opinion IT Audit. An internal audit is insufficient- you want an objective outside party with a fresh set of eyes to check your system.

IT Audits

What sort of things do these audits look for?

  1. Networks that are configured incorrectly: Improper configuration causes inefficiencies, poor performance, and security breaches. It’s important to test whether your network is configured for optimal performance.
  1. Components that are installed but not running: Businesses spend a large portion of their IT budget on components, but frequently neglect to check if they’re running correctly (or at all) after installation.
  1. Environments without proper security: In order to avoid security breaches the proper firewalls, anti-virus, and email authentication protocols have to be installed. Audits ensure tighter security.
  1. Lack of data backups: This is probably the single most important but easily overlooked item when it comes to IT. Data backup can be set up to run automatically but you do have to test it routinely.
  1. Aging IT equipment: Hardware is the backbone of any IT infrastructure and its typical lifecycle is 3-5 years, after which it becomes obsolete or error-prone. An audit will identify the necessary upgrades.

One standard test typically done during an audit is an email phishing test. This identifies gaps in your email authentication protocols and recommends improvements including staff retraining. 

Do an easy self check using this tool: Ironscales Phishing Emulator

Our technicians at Technology Solutions are more than happy to be your second set of eyes. We do a top to bottom audit of your IT infrastructure and give you a full report on its strengths and weaknesses. Give us a call whenever you’re ready!