July 5, 2017

Meet The Team

Steven Heystek, the founder of Technology Solutions of Michigan, company history

Steven Heystek

Steven, the founder of Technology Solutions of Michigan, has come a long way since he began building and fixing computers back in 1986. As a young man, Steven worked for his family construction business. However, he had the winter off, and he had to find a way to pay the bills during those months. So, he self-taught himself how to build and repair computers. In 1992, he followed his passions in the computer industry by starting his own computer business, and thus, Technology Solutions of Michigan was born.

Tom Minto

Tomas (Tom) Minto joined Technology Solutions of Michigan as the Chief Operations Officer in July 2020.  His professional background ranges from sporting goods to organic farming. He brings with him innovative ideas, a keen understanding of finances and accounting, and strong leadership.  His passion for business is helping operate small-to-medium companies through systems of people and tech, all with a strong emphasis on budgeting and planning.

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Gemma Wesolowski

Gemma joined Technology Solutions of MI as Office Manager in October of 2019. She began her career as an Assistant Operations Director for hospitals in Chicago until her family moved to Kalamazoo permanently in 2006. Gemma has over 15 years of management and customer service experience in various industries including Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Information Technology. Outside of work she is an avid reader who enjoys traveling, baking, gardening, and creative writing.

Josh Heystek

Josh was raised in Mattawan, and as a result of being the son of Steven, the founder of Technology Solutions, Josh was constantly surrounded by computers during his childhood. Growing up in this environment, it was only natural that Josh would follow in his father’s footsteps and become a part of the technology industry. After studying computer science and business at Davenport University, Josh became an information technology manager at Technology Solutions. Josh is happily married and lives with his two kids.

Josh Heystek
Ted Roberts

Ted Roberts

Ted grew up on a farm in Vicksburg, and early on, he realized that he had a knack for problem solving. While in high school, Ted won several awards for java programming through Business Professionals of America. From there, he went on to attend Kalamazoo Valley Community College, where he further pursued his interest in computer programming. After gaining the necessary skills, Ted went to work at Technology Solutions as a developer, and has been with the company for ten years.

Zach Briggs

Zach was raised in Three Rivers, but it was not long before he left to pursue his diverse interests in technology, game design, robotics, and physics. Following high school, Zach attended Harvard University in Cambridge, where he studied computer science and applied physics. After having leadership roles in companies such as Rapid Kinetics, eFusion Systems, and Uplink Studios, just to name a few, Zach returned home to Kalamazoo to continue his technological career as a developer at Technology Solutions of Michigan.

Zach Briggs is a developer at Technology Solutions of Michigan
Jason Joslin

Jason Joslin

Jason grew up in Vicksburg and always had a passion for technology. He graduated from Vicksburg High School and went on to attend Michigan Career and Technical Institute where he studied Office Automation. Jason has used his skills in IT at many volunteer organizations through the years and as IT for a local copier company. Jason has now moved on to serving in IT for Technology Solutions.

Allegra Hulsey

Allegra joined the Technology Solutions team in July 2020 as an Account Manager. She brings over 12 years of customer service experience, and 4 years of sales experience. Allegra's experience arms her with the sales practices needed to drive business and meet customer's needs. When she's not at work, she spends time with her identical twin sister, Hannah, their parents, and their awesome golden retriever, Crosby.

Allegra Hulsey
Michele's Headshot

Michele Momotiuk

Michele was born in Michigan but grew up mostly in Indiana. She attended Purdue University where she earned a Master's Degree in Computer Engineering. After Purdue, Michele worked at Hewlett-Packard and Intel doing computer chipset validation in Silicon Valley. She returned to Michigan in 2005 to focus on raising two boys and working at a non-profit. After deciding she wanted to go back to programming, Michele studied at Kalamazoo Valley Community College. There she added to her skills for her new career at Technology Solutions of Michigan.

Travis Johnson

Travis joined the Technology Solutions team in January of 2021 as the Business Development Manager.  He brings with him over 4 years of sales experience and relationship development.  Prior to joining the sales force he was a varsity baseball coach and taught physical education to high school students in Florida.  Travis is a graduate of Grand Valley State University and spends his time outside of the office with his two sons, family, and close friends.  

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You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want. 

-Zig Ziglar

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