July 7, 2016

Parker PDN App

The Parker PDN Calculator is a mobile application developed in partnership with Parker Hannifin. The data provided in the calculator was previously compiled manually. The purpose of the application is to provide part specific information. This has helped Parker Hannifin employees quote cost and savings automatically based on the indicated criteria.

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Parker Pneumatic Division Distributor Toolbox is designed for pneumatic distributors and Parker internal use only. This application contains various tools including Pneumatic Calculators and the PDN Part Lookup Tool (login required). It also provides a link to PHconnect. To request a login for the PDN Part Lookup Tool, use the “Request Login” link on the tool home page.

The Parker PDN Calculator provides users and designers of pneumatic systems with a handy collection of compressed air cost calculators, conversion tools and air valve (Cv) and flow (CFM) calculation for air cylinder actuation. The application works with both metric and US units.

This application started as an internal solution for employees and has since grown to multiple departments of the organization. The PDN Calculator, accessible through parkerpdncalc.com, has experienced exponential growth in users since it’s development. It has become an essential tool for sales and marketing and has proved to be a valuable solution.

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