Integration As Simple As 1-2-3

Accounting is easily one of the most challenging aspects of business management. Whether you’re tracking personal or business finances, the tasks can quickly become time consuming and complicated. This is one area that needs to be simplified and streamlined; the more comfortable and confident you are with the tools you use, the less daunting the tasks.

Integrate Accounting Tools

Whether you use QuickBooks, Xero, Zoho Books, or Freshbooks as your accounting software, you will likely need an additional integration app that allows you to consolidate the financial side with the administrative side of your business. Luckily, most CRMs have already accounted for that integration by creating built-in APIs that automatically funnel information to your accounting software of choice.

One good example is the integration between SyncroMSP and QuickBooks. Syncro is a fully integrated PSA, RMM, and Remote tool with a powerful Customer Portal. It allows you and your customers to view tickets, invoices, estimates, and process payments. The API that links Syncro to QuickBooks is practically seamless- within a few minutes of initiating the link, Syncro is automatically populated with your customer data from QuickBooks. From there, any changes within Syncro are synced to QuickBooks every five minutes. You never have to manually transfer information between the two applications.

If your CRM or MSP does not come pre-loaded with an integration API, never fear! There are apps built precisely for this. Below are some examples and their features:

  • Zapier – Instantly connects a wide variety of apps and automates workflows without any coding. 
  • – Simple and easy one to one integration and multi-app workflows for faster work processes.
  • IFTTT – Stands for If This Then That. Platform for chaining simple conditional statements that allow multiple apps to work together.
  • – Hybrid integration platform for connecting APIs swiftly and securely. It comes with a rich library of pre-built connectors for business apps.
  • Piesync – Platform built especially for customer data integration. Provides 2-way data sync across all your business apps and devices.

If any of these integrations sound like something you could use to make accounting easier and simpler, contact us for a consultation. Technology Solutions can help evaluate your current process and recommend solutions that will make your business more efficient and effective.

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