November 1, 2020

Simplifying MI Orders for Local Restaurants


This form is fully customizable and allows for additional questions like party size, email address, etc.

We are utilizing tools you may already have access to for free like Google Forms, QR code generators and Google sheets.

At no time will we disclose or sell your client’s information. You are in control, and best of all no more cleaning pens between each guest!

Technology Solutions of Michigan is offering Michigan restaurants a free COVID-19 tracing questionnaire form that aligns with the new Michigan Health Department requirements released on October 29, 2020.

Free for Restaurants!

This order requires all Michigan dine-in establishments to log names and phone numbers of their patrons to assist in tracking the spread of COVID-19.

Simply put we will provide a branded form that includes the required information to be logged. We will also provide restaurants with a QR code that is easily accessible by patrons of the establishment.


Customers will scan the QR code prior to, or upon, entry using the QR scanner that most smartphones have right through their standard camera. They will complete the required information. Once the form is completed and submitted it will be added to the response log allowing restaurants immediate access to contact information and timestamping to ensure seamless contact in the event of an outbreak.

Email us at or call (269) 290-7500 to create your form today!