June 30, 2016


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In 2003, Technology Solutions of Michigan was approached by a local school district to develop a web application for an incident reporting system that was previously running reports with pen and paper.  SIRENS (Safety Information Reporting Examination and Notification System) is a juvenile incident monitoring service, built in compliance with PA102. 

The Michigan Public Act 102 of 1999, signed by Governor John Engler, require each school district to meet with the county prosecutors and local law enforcement agencies to determine how best to implement the Statewide School Safety Information Policy in their communities (click here for more information on PA102).

This application works to keep both students and the communities safe.  When an incident occurs, off campus at any time of day or day of week, school safety officers are alerted of the offense, by input required by the local public safety and/or prosecutor, and are given the details regarding the offense.  This application is also used by school administrators when an incident occurs on school grounds.  Authorized users can search, create, send, and review incidents for students.  Authorized users can be assigned to a school building and/or district, and can only see incidents for their assigned building or district, based upon pre-determined permissions.

This application has improved overall communication between public safety departments and school districts regarding student safety and development. With transparent incident reporting SIRENS provides schools with a pre warning that an incident may have occurred, allowing them to be proactive in their next steps.

Technology Solutions of Michigan has partnered with law enforcement to develop this app and others like it. To learn more about our development services, visit our development page today!