Texting APIs

Mobile communication is everything these days and it’s not slowing down anytime soon.  In an article written by the Chicago Tribune it was reported that Americans are sending and receiving five times as many text messages compared to phone calls each day.  The resources and tools available for mobile communication in relation to business practices are on the rise.  

From single appointment reminders to two way conversations with a texting bot, these powerful tools can be added to your CRM for little cost. One great service, Twilio, gives you lots of powerful tools and simply bills you for the number of messages you send a month. The more you send the less it costs per message. See pricing here.

A simple example of a workflow that can be built in a matter of minutes is when a customer makes an appointment online or over the phone with your office, they receive a text reply confirming the appointment. 

You can take that a step further and offer the ability to change the appointment date, confirm or cancel altogether simply by replying to the text. These responses will be posted back in your CRM and can even move the appointment around based on what you have available. This can be a huge time saver for you and the customer.  

Picture that you run a busy salon, but you’re not quite big enough for a full time office person. With these kinds of tools your clients can help themselves quickly and easily, even while the office is closed.  Self service options provide your customers with more access to your business.  Think of these tools as your own personal automation assistant!

When you are looking at adding services to help your customers some good things to keep in mind are how this will impact the rest of your workflows. You want to make sure that what you build is cost effective and actually helpful. There are lots of great programs and tools out there, but if it confuses your customers or is not working properly it can lead to frustration and mistakes. Like many things, planning and preparation upfront will ensure you are adding tools that drive value for your business. 

Technology Solutions of Michigan’s knowledgeable staff members work with our customers to implement tools just like these in their everyday workflow.  Contact us today to learn how we can integrate your CRM with texting automation!