Virus & Ransomware Protection

With technology usage in 2020 skyrocketing due to the COVID-29 pandemic, ransomware virus attacks are at an all time high.  In the last 8 months alone there have been 124 ransomware attacks with the average ransom payment doubling, costing victims an estimated $283,800 per attack.  Yahoo published a video with suggestions on how to prevent ransomware attacks and the importance of protecting your business from hackers.  Watch the video below:

Keeping yourself protected

The first measure mentioned is to install two-factor authentication, especially for remote employees.  Two-factor authentication is considered more secure than texting, and with the rapid increase of employees transitioning to remote work, two-factor authentication is an easy way to safeguard your network.  Technology Solutions of Michigan can provide you with two-factor authentication apps and/or software to ensure all of your company devices are protected.  

Data back-up to a USB drive or a cloud-based software is another way to protect your sensitive data.  Ransomware hackers will invade your network, steal sensitive data, encrypt your files preventing you from accessing them, and delete your backup files.  Copying your files onto a removable storage device will prevent you from losing that data and will allow us to restore the network once the threat is eliminated.

Virus Protection

Antivirus software is recommended for any and all computer usage.  This goes for businesses and residents alike.  Technology Solutions of Michigan can install antivirus software onto your devices, monitor your network to proactively detect attempted intrusions, and recover your data through data management services.

Another important measure is to invest in cyber insurance.  This type of insurance can typically be added to your company insurance policy for added protection against a virus or ransomware attack.  This is recommended by Technology Solutions of Michigan as one of the keys to protecting your data and network security.

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