August 18, 2020

PBXact – VoIP Pricing

Here you will find a detailed list of the services and devices offered with FreePBX along with their associated cost. If you are looking for more information on the VoIP services we provide, please visit our VoIP – FreePBX Features page.

FreePBX Service Charges

Talk Time Rate$0.05/minute
Main Number/Directory Listing$5.00/month
Employee Direct Dial Phone Number$1.00/month
vFax Service$20.00/month
Unlimited ExtensionsFree

FreePBX Cost of Hardware

The PBX devices are listed to indicate the volume of use based on your company’s size. Our PBX experts will assist you determining the hardware that will best fit your needs and help you explore cost effective ways to implement your VoIP system.

The below hardware costs are one-time charges based on your selections.

PBXACT PBX 40– 40 users / 30 calls$844.99
PBXACT PBX 60– 75 users / 30 calls$995.99
VFax Converter$209.99
Yealink T19P


Yealink T29G


Yealink T48S


To learn more about Yealink hardware, visit the Yealink website!

Sangoma – Zulu

Your desktop and mobile app, powered by Sangoma – Zulu, comes with your FreePBX service. Our staff is available to you for app support and will help you install and navigate the application on your desktop and mobile devices.

Book an appointment with our account manager today to learn how we can provide you with VoIP services!