VoIP Phone Systems

Voip Cloud Management

What is a VoIP phone system?  VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol.  Instead of a hard line, VoIP requires an internet connection and your VoIP provider can connect your entire telephone system right through your internet connection.  

Lower Cost

VoIP is much more cost effective than a hardlined phone system for a few reasons:

  • The service itself is cheaper than a hard-lined phone service provider
  • Your upfront hardware cost is less expensive
  • No high cost proprietary software and equipment
  • Lower cost per call

A study showed small businesses that switch to VoIP save 40% on local calls. 90% on international calls. They also saved 30% on teleconferencing and an increase of 20% in overall productivity.


You will be more accessible on the go since most VoIP software is accompanied by a mobile application.  That flexibility is valuable to not only a business owner, but their clients as well. 

VoIP phone systems are multi-functional. By integrating VoIP into your CRM software you can create automation using a phone tree. This guarantees that callers are reaching the right department every time.  Phone trees also ensure the customer wait time is low, resulting in a higher satisfaction rating and higher productivity. 

Yealink Provider

Technology Solutions is able to offer a custom, reliable VoIP phone system to take your business communications to the next level. Yealink is Technology Solutions’ preferred hardware provider.  Established in 2001 Yealink has climbed to the top of the market. Achieved by constantly evolving the services and products they offer their customers.  With partners like the United Nations, and the University of Johannesburg, they have become a household name in business communication.  

Schedule an appointment today to learn more about the benefits we can offer with our custom VoIP system and software.  The solutions are right around the corner!