August 20, 2020

Wireless Networking

An updated and functioning wireless network is the backbone of successful business operations. Our customized wireless networking solutions will enable your business to run smoothly, allowing for productive and efficient processes.

Ethernet Placement

Tailored to You

There are multiple aspects of maximizing your wireless connection, such as server placement and network reach. Our technicians will evaluate your space along with the scope of your wireless requirements and ensure that you are getting maximum connection with minimum hassle.

Some Evaluation Factors

  • Wireless Blockages – Are there “dead” spots that have a hard time receiving the wireless connection? We evaluate your router placement to ensure maximum connection coverage.
  • Load Balancing – Is one access point working harder than another? We can balance your equipment to prevent overwhelming and reduced speed.
  • Point of Entry – No power outlet? No problem! The point of entry for your wireless requires a single Ethernet port.

Band Steering

There are two WiFi frequencies that we have grown accustomed to, 2.4GHz and 5GHz or (5G). When utilizing WiFi, you may find yourself toggling between the two frequencies to enhance your wireless connection speed. Band steering combines multiple frequencies into one network to maximize your connection and WiFi speed.

Preferred Networking Hardware

Cisco Meraki

Acquired by Cisco in 2012, Meraki is a global IT company out of San Francisco. They specialize in wireless networking, switching, and security. Their products have proven to be extremely reliable, making them our number one recommended networking hardware provider.

UniFi Wireless

UniFi has a wide range of products for every space. A modern, reliable, compact router paired with a long list of features truly enhance your wireless experience. This makes UniFi our second most recommended networking hardware provider.


Our standard rate for wireless network support and installation is $99 per hour plus the cost of the hardware you specify for your network implementation.

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