August 21, 2020

Workflow Automation

Technology Solutions of Michigan works with companies of all sizes to implement workflow automation. Areas we have worked in include but are not limited to:

  • Accounting Automation
    • Collections
      • Late fees – Set a workflow to recognize due dates to calculate and charge applicable late fees when the payment is received after the due date.
      • Interest charges – Calculate interest charges based on percentages and/or accrued interest to be included in invoice totals.
      • Internal Workflows – Set up alerts for follow up and other daily tasks your staff is responsible for to keep productivity high.
    • Billing
      • Reminders – Schedule billing reminders for accounts payable or accounts receivable workflows to ensure timely payments.
      • Auto payments – Set up an auto-pay workflow to collect and/or pay invoices.
      • Monthly billing – Schedule invoices to be sent monthly. The applicable products and services will be automatically added and calculated.
    • Accounts Payable Automation
      • PDF Invoices – Automatically import invoices into your AP system and attach to the correct vendor, product, or client.
      • Email Receipts – Import receipts into your system based on items, vendors, and charges.
  • Sales and Customer Service Automation
    • AI Bot – Self service options are a beneficial feature of customer service and sales. An AI bot will provide solutions to FAQ, ask probing questions about the inquiry, or ensure that the visitor is directed to the appropriate department.
    • Texting Workflows – Set up a workflow to send SMS text messages regarding business updates, sales promotions, text reminders and more.
    • Customer Support – Integrate your CRM with your PBX phone system to automatically indicate who is calling and what they are calling about.
    • Call centers – Using a phone tree, map and route calls to appropriate departments. Decrease wait time and handle time and ensure that relevant assistance is being provided.

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