Automation: How Do We Do It?


One of the most impactful methods of organized business practices is automation.  As we’ve discussed in previous articles, automation is key to improving processes and increasing productivity.  Zapier is an online automation tool that connects essential business applications to automate repetitive tasks.  In this article we will provide a brief overview of how we use Zapier as one of the tools to provide you with seamless automation, allowing you to focus on the higher level aspects of your company.

Connecting Applications

Application Connections

There are over 300 ways to automate your work through Zapier, which has the ability to connect to over 2,000 applications.  This includes email, sales, and social media platforms, allowing you to automate essentially every aspect of your business.  

Using Zapier to automate regularly received email attachments like invoices and purchase orders is one example of Zapier’s many capabilities.  When you receive an invoice, Zapier will automatically send that document to its desired location, such as QuickBooks. 

Another way to use Zapier is to connect your social media page to your sales platform. This allows you to collect warm sales leads based on how customers interact with your content.  Facebook Lead Ads is a popular integration for sales and marketing through Zapier.  Your Facebook leads would be connected to an application like Google Sheets.  The lead automatically completes the required fields in Google Sheets, which would then be sent to your sales platform.  Once the lead information reaches its destination you could initiate an introduction email to the prospect about your company’s services.  

The opportunities with Zapier are endless.  This tool will automate your repetitive tasks and process all of the necessary data for you.  You can find a list of the applications compatible with Zapier here.

Where We Come In

Zapier with Technology Solutions

Zapier is just one piece of possible automation that can transform the way your business functions.  Using our automation services we can provide you with the necessary tools and applications to enhance your technology platforms. We can maximize how those applications ultimately benefit your processes.  

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