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Welcome to technology solutions of Michigan.

Technology Solutions of Michigan wants to collaborate with you to make your business more productive. This is achieved by offering flexible, cost-effective solutions for your communication and data services. We can also improve your business and overall satisfaction by constantly listening to you to customize our processes and services in order to produce the best possible solution.

Technology Solutions of Michigan is the complete package for your technology needs. Not only can we design, develop, and support your custom web and mobile applications, but we can also take care of your PCs, network, phones, website, software, and video surveillance. No matter what your needs are, Technology Solutions of Michigan has a solution for you.

our services

Most people only call when something is broken. However, we are here to transform information technology from your disruption into your advantage. At Technology Solutions, we provide managed services, meaning that we are able to proactively equip you with the vital technological resources that you need to help make your endeavor successful. Whether that means virus and malware removal, doing PC diagnostics and repair, network monitoring, or data backup and recovery, we are always here to help.

Servers and Networking
Reliable servers and networks are essential to having a successful business, and an unexpected system emergency can be detrimental to your company. Don't wait for an older, less-efficient network to break. Instead, take advantage of our managed services and install a strong, properly designed network. As a result, the risk of unexpected network failure is lessened, while your productivity is greatly increased.

Data Management and Disaster Recovery
What would happen if your server suffered a critical failure right now? Even with a backup, you will have to rush to find replacement parts, and mistakes could be made due to the state of emergency. We can sit down with you and tailor a backup system that fits your needs and budget, whether it is a simple cloud backup or a fully automated fail-over system.

Wireless Networking
We understand how important and crucial your PC is to your productivity. That's why we strive to get your PC repaired promptly and correctly the first time. Our typical turnaround time is less than 24 hours, so you can get back to your life.

Building Access Control Systems
Manage and monitor your security systems in a more efficient way. Our systems extend your access control and video surveillance platforms to a computer or smartphone. In addition, our service integrates door control, credential management and live and recorded video into an easy to use application. Because this service is cloud-based, costs are lowered, and the need for on-site repairs is greatly reduced.

VoIP Telephone Systems
With their cost savings and flexibility, VoIP telephone systems are swiftly becoming a major game changer in telecommunications. Did you know that by switching from standard copper land lines to VoIP, you could easily save up to 50% on your phone bill? With savings like that, you could quickly meet your return on investment goals.

Cloud Video Surveillance
Using camera surveillance to monitor multiple locations can seem daunting at first. However, our system provides you with a simple and robust solution; this cloud-based service offers the user centralized, flexible control over a surveillance system, and is available on both desktop and mobile platforms. This service also utilizes motion detection, notifications, and privacy encryption.

Mobile App Development

Mobile apps for phones and tablets allow you to connect with your customers no matter where they are. Our custom-designed apps enable you to make your services more accessible and user-friendly. Take a look at some of the mobile apps that we have designed for other customers.


Web apps can be custom-designed to streamline your business work-flow or to help your customers interact with your products.
Check out some of our previous work on web apps.


Websites can make your organization more accessible to your audience, or they can be used to help your business stand out in a competitive online environment. Take a look at some of the websites that we have designed for local businesses and organizations.


The Technology Solutions of Michigan team is diverse, experienced, and hard-working. Meet some of our staff below, or view a full list of our staff here.